• 15 Years EHNS Oral Oncology

    Fifteen-year history of the
    European head and neck society

    Şefik Hoşal, Wojciech Golusiński, Guy Andry, C. René Leemans, Jean-Louis LeFebvre

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    Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity, larynx, oropharynx and hypopharynx: EHNS-ESMO-ESTRO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

    J.-P.Machiels, C. René Leemans, W. Golusinski, C. Grau, L. Licitra, V.Gregoire,
    on behalf of the EHNS Executive Board, ESMO Guidelines Committee, ESTRO Executive Board

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ECHNO 2025

On behalf of the EHNS Board, we would like to inform you for the final decision of the next ECHNO meeting. The 11th ECHNO will be organized by Prof. René Leemans in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2025.


ECO-ASCO Special Network
on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer
European Cancer Organisation

Following discussions with the WHO, EU Commission and the new ASCO-ECO Ukraine Steering Committee last week, the ECO Board has just decided to create a new Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer, together with ASCO.

The Special Network is addressing a large number of challenges currently being faced by Ukrainian cancer patients and those treating and supporting them, including those that have been shared with ASCO and ECO already:

  • Lack of data/medical records
  • Language barriers
  • Access to information about treatment and support options in the patient's new country in relevant languages
  • Capacity issues within neighbouring countries
  • Lack of resources for cancer organisations within neighbouring countries
  • Need for connectivity to other European countries – for their capacity to support
  • Need for co-ordination to address medicine shortages
  • GDPR restrictions on patient information

Please visit: https://www.europeancancer.org/topic-networks/20:impact-war-in-ukraine-on-cancer.html for detailed information.


In light of recent events, the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS) would like to express its deep concern for the Ukraine people. EHNS is a society without borders devoted to international exchange in science and education. Open dialogue and communication are essential for progress in head and neck oncology and for improving the outlook of patients with head and neck cancer. Therefore, EHNS strongly stands in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people during this most difficult time. War is never a solution and the true victims are always the people and the patients.

Prof. Wojciech Golusiński
EHNS President
Prof. Şefik Hoşal
EHNS General Secretary
Prof. Giovanni Succo
EHNS Treasurer;
Prof René Leemans
EHNS Board Member
Dr Grégorio Sánchez Aniceti
EHNS Board Member 
Dr Ana Varges Gomes
EHNS Board Member
Prof Andreas Dietz
EHNS Board Member
  Prof Jesper Grau Eriksen
EHNS Board Member

The "Irish Head and Neck Society" (https://www.theihns.com/) is now part of the EHNS Community.
Irish Head and Neck Society 01

Tumor Board 15april20201jpgEHNS is intensely focused on multidisciplinary head and neck cancer care. In this spirit, we are launching this 90 - minute online event during which four cases, including the larynx, oropharynx, oral cavity, and parotid gland, will be evaluated.
The objective is to provide an expert opinion on comprehensive treatment of head and neck cancer.

Head & neck and COVID-19 info

CEORL-HNS Statement to COVID-19

Current recommendations of the CEORL-HNS (Confederation of European Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery) about COVID-19.
Access to the text here.

Emergency changes in international guidelines on treatment for head and neck cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization formally announced that the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 is a worldwide health emergency. Subsequently, all National Health Systems and each medical center faced the exceptional... Continue reading. Oral Oncology - Volume 107, August 2020

EHNS (European Head and Neck Society) has over 3000 Members - Professionals of Head & Neck (Nurses, Oncologists, Radiotherapists, Surgeons,...) from more than 25 European countries.

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