National Societies

“National Societies” are official Groups or Associations related to head and neck study. They are originated from European Countries and affiliated to EHNS.
To become an official member of EHNS, a National Society must submit its candidacy to the EHNS Board.

After acceptance and once the subscription payment received, all members of the accepted National Society are automatically granted membership at the EHNS.

  1. Armenia Head of Knowledge-based Society NGO
  2. Austrian Head and Neck Society
  3. Baltic States Head and Neck Oncology Association
  4. Belarusian Society of Oncologists
  5. Belgian Head and Neck Oncology Cooperative Group
    - Groupe FNRS Tête et Cou
    - vzw VWHHT - Vlaamse Werkgroep Hoofd-HalsTumoren
  6. British Association of Head & Neck Oncologists
  7. Croatian Society for Head and Neck Tumors
  8. Czech Head and Neck Cancer Cooperative Group
  9. French Society of head and Neck cancer
  10. Hellenic Society of Head and Neck Cancer (HeSHNCA) - Greece
  11. Hungarian Head and Neck Society
  12. Interdisciplinary Working Group for Head and Neck Tumors from the German Cancer Society
  13. Israeli Society for Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology
  14. Italian Head and Neck Society
  15. Kazakh Society of Head and Neck Oncology
  16. Nederlandse Werkgroep Hoofd-HalsTumoren
  17. Polish Head and Neck Society (PHNS)
  18. Portugese Head and Neck Cancer Study Group (GECCP)
  19. Romanian Society of Oncological Pathology of Head & Neck
  20. Russian Head and Neck Society (RPHNOS)
  21. Scandinavian Society for Head and Neck Oncology
  22. Serbian Association of Head and Neck Oncology
  23. Spanish Head and Neck Society
  24. Swiss Head and Neck Society
  25. Turkish Head and Neck Cooperative Group

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