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Trends in Head & Neck Oncology

The "Trends in Head & Neck Oncology" meeting will offer you up-to-date information on many aspects of head & neck cancer translated to daily practice.
With a wealth of exciting data emerging in this rapidly evolving field, the meeting will review state-of-the-art knowledge with an emphasis on multidisciplinary decisions and the management of head and neck cancer.
Highlight will be made on the role of the microbiome, new targets for treatment, immunotherapy, resistance mechanisms, standardizing molecular profiling programs, new methods to guide therapeutic approaches, the different treatment approaches in primary disease and in recurrent a/o metastatic disease, new developments in pathology, surgery and reconstruction techniques, new systemic therapies in salivary gland cancer, supportive care and follow-up.
All disciplines involved in the treatment of head & neck cancer will be represented in integrated sessions. The translation to daily practice will be highlighted by interactive clinical case discussions facilitated by panels.
The THNO is designed for medical oncologists, head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, otolaryngologists, and other medical professionals involved in the daily treatment of patients with head and neck cancer.
EHNS endorsed the "Trends in Head & Neck Oncology" meeting.