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European Head & Neck Course


This three day course will cover the current management of head and neck cancer within a multidisciplinary framework. The format will consist of lectures, panel discussions and operative techniques. There will be a series of Keynote addresses dealing with some of the more controversial topics. There will be time allocated for audience participation through question and answer sessions. The course is suitable both for trainees (residents and fellows) in ENT, Maxfac, Plastics and Radiotherapy in preparation for exams, as well as providing a stimulating update for practicing surgeons and physicians.


  • The course aims to present a multidisciplinary approach towards the management of patients with Head and Neck cancer through the use of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  • There will be a full discussion of the diagnosis and management of patients with head and neck cancer with emphasis given to recent advances in diagnostic tools, therapeutic regimes and surgical techniques.

  • Through panel discussion and question and answer sessions, the delegates will benefit from the experience of a faculty assembled from many of the leading Head and Neck cancer in Europe and North America.

The EHNS also works in partnership with several other discipline-based and organ based organisations towards the development of multidisciplinary projects and courses that contribute to the training of head and neck specialists. One example is the annual European Head and Neck Course (, which is alternatively held in Birmingham, UK, Poznań - Poland and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

15th Annual EUROHNC Course, 11-13 October 2023 , Amsterdam - The Netherlands

14th Annual EUROHNC Course, 5-7 October 2022, Birmingham - UK

13th Annual EUROHNC Course, 7-9 October 2020 postponed to 13-15 January 2021, Poznań - Poland

12th Annual EUROHNC Course, 9-11 October 2019, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

11th Annual EUROHNC Course, 17-19 October 2018, Birmingham - UK

10th Annual EUROHNC Course, 15-17 November 2017, Poznań - Poland

9th Annual EUROHNC Course, 5-7 October 2016, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

8th Annual EUROHNC Course, 30 Sept-2 October 2015, Birmingham - UK

7th Annual EUROHNC Course, 1-3 October 2014, Poznań - Poland

6th Annual EUROHNC Course, 18-20 September 2013, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

5th Annual EUROHNC Course, 15-17 October 2012, Birmingham - UK

4th Annual EUROHNC Course, 5-7 October 2011, Amsterdam - The Netherlands