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European Workshop on Robotic Surgery in Head and Neck Cancer

The aim of the Congress is to dscuss and demonstrate « state-of-the-art » techniques in robotic and endoscopic head and neck surgery.

Transoral robotic surgery has gained within the last years more and more interest and support. There is a consensus of head and neck surgeons on the importance of transoral surgery in general and transoral robotic surgery in particular. Multiple trials are currently ongoing that are exploring the role of this type of surgery in the context of various malignant diseases mostly of the oropharynx, but transoral robotic surgery goes beyond treating malignant diseases of the oropharynx only.

The 4th EHNS Robotic Conference
4th Robotic

This workshop will provide trainee surgeons, established robotic surgeons, and leaders in the field with an overview of the current status of robotics in head and neck surgery. The course will be populated with panel discussions and keynote lectures from an expert faculty. The emphasis will be on multi-disciplinary management while at the same time providing extensive tips on practical applications of the new and nascent technology. From the applications for robotics in diagnostics all the way through to advanced applications such as for recurrent cancers and reconstruction, and the use of robotics in neck surgery, all taught by world-renowned experts in the field, this will be a one-stop shop for surgeons who are embarking on robotic surgery in head and neck or who have a well-established practice.

Start: 09:00, 2 December 2021
End: 17:00,  3 December 2021

Place of the conference
Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, Paris, FRANCE.

Dr. Philippe GORPHE

Info and Registration; Click here.

Program: Programme 4th Robotic Dec2-3, 2021