Membership dues last until the next general assembly, at which time new dues will be set upon approval. Individual membership is offered pending a membership fee paid directly to the EHNS treasurer each year. In the case of existing national societies entirely or mainly devoted to head and neck tumours, the society will become a society member pending a certain amount per capita registration fee paid each year by the society to the EHNS treasurer. National or international study groups may be associated members as a whole, on a voluntary basis, pending an annual registration fee. Patients organisations may be members of EHNS. There is no registration or membership fee for these organisations.


In 2007, the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS) and the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO), under the auspices of the FECS (Federation of European Cancer Societies) and in collaboration with other European partners, are organising an international meeting on innovative approaches in Head and Neck Oncology in Barcelona, Spain, on February 22nd-24th, 2007. The emphasis will be on multi-disciplines and innovation, and this meeting will specifically cover the following topics: Molecular Targeted Therapies, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Radio-chemotherapy, IMRT, Molecular Imaging, Molecular Pathology, and several clinical controversies.
The Third ECHNO will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2008. Here a board will be elected after a call for candidatures.


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