5th ICHNO: Important deadlines


  • Abstract submission deadline on 15 October 2014: SUBMIT
  • Early registration deadline on 22 October 2014: REGISTRATION



Last  September  marked  the  successful  launch  of  the  inaugural  Make  Sense Campaign  Head  and  Neck  Cancer  Awareness  Week.  The  week-long programme, spearheaded by the European Head and Neck Society  (EHNS),  was designed  to  raise  awareness  of  head  and  neck  cancer  which,  despite  being  the 6th  most  common  cancer  globally,  remains  widely  unknown  and under-diagnosed. Read more...

Transoral Robotic Surgery Conference Id 0100

An Invitation to the UK’s First Transoral Robotic Surgery Conference

This one day meeting will examine the evidence base in the emerging field of Transoral Robotic Surgery, and provide a balanced view of the role of TORS in head and neck cancer work and sleep surgery.

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