Evolution of the Make Sense Campaign

Logo Make Sense Campaign 2015

The Make Sense Campaign Steering Committee recently assembled at the International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Head and Neck Oncology (ICHNO) in Nice, France, to discuss the changing environment for head and neck cancer, and the role of the Make Sense Campaign.

The Make Sense Campaign has a specific mandate to raise awareness of head and neck cancer. Each year, there is a theme to help elevate and grow the campaign: in 2013 there was a focus on early diagnosis, then in 2014 the campaign showcased the benefits of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to managing the disease.

For 2015, the campaign aims to seek excellence for patients; it will do this through a multi-stakeholder programme of activities with healthcare professionals and patient advocacy representatives. Read More...

International Conference on innovative approaches in head and neck oncology
Nice, 12th -14th February 2015


The MAKE SENSE CAMPAIGN was incredibly successful in 2014.
All campaign materials were translated into 11 languages. Over 11,700 people participated in the Early Diagnosis Days (EDDs). Our campaign was not only noticed by the media, but also it was present in governmental spheres like EU Parliament and European Commission.
Future plans for 2015 were discussed during Steering Committe Meeting in Brussels in January and will be soon implemented.